MOT - Mission Outreach Training

Date: Saturday 20th June

Time: 10am - 5pm

Cost: £10 (Lunch Provided)

Venue: Assembly Buildings

Keynote Speaker : Tim Eldred

MOT aims to give you everything you need to help prepare you for outreach to children and young people this summer. There will be a range of seminars and workshops to suit everyone from a first time helper to an experienced team leader (helpers attending should be 15 or over and accompanied by a leader over 18).

The day will conclude with a service of commissioning for anyone involved in outreach to children and young people this summer, including the Summer Teams.  The service will begin at 4pm sharp and will finish by 5pm.

Tim Eldred (PhD) is President and CEO of Endeavour (what we know as C.E.) in the U.S. and is a strong proponent for youth-led, adult-mentored ministry.  He is also Lead Pastor in New Beginnings church in a rural community in Central Michigan, where the emphasis of the mission and ministry is solely discipleship.  He speaks worldwide at conferences and in local churches, most often on relationship-based youth ministry. ‘His primary passion for the church is that it would emulate the example of Christ and equip young people to be leaders within the church and society.’


Tim wants to help churches create collaborative ministries with young people where they learn to ‘discover, develop, and deploy a God-sized mission for their life’.  He wrote the ‘Pray 21’ resource which we piloted with our summer team leaders last year, which enables a mentor and leader/young person to study and pray together.  He is also developing a series of other resources, including ‘Share 21’ and ‘Study 21’ and we are in discussions about partnering with him to use these materials in future.  He knows our context, traveling to Ireland and the rest of Europe regularly and has good ministry partners here, having recently spoken at events to our colleagues in the Methodist and Anglican churches.


On his web site Tim says ‘I take time to weigh what I believe (God) might be teaching me against what he says in his book, the bible. God will not contradict Himself. His truth is certain. In light of it, I discover who I am through the supremacy and teaching of his son, the Lord, Jesus Christ.’

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