We will be helping the Aksza Mission to purchase an After Care House. The house will provide a home for teenagers who have lived at Aksza but have to move out once they are 18 years old. In the past some of the young people who have left Aksza have been unable to cope and have been forced back to life on the streets or returned to the families who abandoned or abused them. The Wings House will provide security and support for young people, so that will be able to complete their studies or find employment. They will also be taught basic life skills such as cooking, cleaning and how to manage their finances, so that when they finally leave care they will be able to look after themselves.

God’s Wings The project is called Wings because the after care home will provide a Christian environment where the young people will continue to be sheltered under the wings of God and shown his love and care. The name wings also reminds us that as the young people reach 18 they are ready to spread their wings and leave the nest.