Uzima 2012 -2013


The YAC Project for 2012-2013 has now be released to churches! Please contact your Sunday School Superintendent or Youth Leader who have each been sent a copy of the pack for use in your congregation. If you have not received a pack please contact the YAC Office and we will arrange for you to be sent one.

In 2012/13 the Board of Youth and Children’s Ministry will be supporting three initiatives in Kenya and in Ireland.


Kenya:  In Kenya there will be 2 areas supported. The first is within primary schools among the Maasai people near the Ol Kinyiei area of Kenya. The schools in the area are very remote and have limited resources. The Project aims to provide funding for resources and a worker who will not only support the teachers as they help to educate the children, but to also provide spiritual support and education for the children.

The second area in Kenya is to help to resource a Christian Girls’ Secondary school in Nanyuki Kenya. Girls generally do not get to go to secondary school in Kenya, often barely making it to the end of primary school, as they are forced to marry young and so education is no longer viable. The Project aims to help with resourcing a new secondary school for girls so that they get the opportunity to be educated to a higher level and have careers within Kenya.


Ireland: Drogheda Presbyterian Church has recently (June 2012) moved to their new building. One of the main reasons for the new building is that they do not have enough space for the growing number of children and young people that are a part of the church. The Project hopes to fund the equipment needed for the 5 Sunday school rooms, the crèche room and the cry room in the new church building.

The YAC Project will help to resource and support children and young people in both Ireland and Kenya. We hope that congregations in the Presbyterian Church will get behind this project and help these children to understand Uzima, life in all its fullness that comes from knowing and being in a relationship with God.


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