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The Treasure Box Project will provide: 

1. A new curriculum and resources to be used with children and young people from 2-18 years old.

2. Support the work of the newly formed Sunday School Committee in the Synod of Livingstonia.

3. Training programmes in relation to the new curriculum for Sunday School teachers and youth leaders.

All of us who are Sunday School teachers or Youth Leaders understand the importance of having good quality resources to help us in our task of sharing the Christian message with the next generation. It is easy for us to take for granted the huge number of curriculum and resources we have available to us here in Ireland. In Malawi, where the majority of people live below the poverty line and struggle to have enough food to feed their families, there are few if any curriculum resources available. I hope you will be as excited as I am to be partnering with Christians in Malawi who share our heart and passion for the work of the Gospel amongst children and young people!