Project EMMAUS

This year the project will help to support youth and children’s ministry in both India through the Bible Society and in Donegal Town Presbyterian Church. We hope that congregations within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland will support this Project as together we help children and young people to understand the value of God’s Word and how it can help them live out their faith as they follow Him day by day.

In India, there are about 31 million orphans. Many of these children are left to look after themselves as they have no one to care for them. If these children are very fortunate, they will find an orphanage where they can live.

The Bible Society of India is working in partnership with the churches by supplying Scripture items showing God’s message of hope and comfort for these orphanages. Handing children these Bibles, along with schoolbags, notebooks and blankets, helps them to discover that someone cares for them.

The money raised by PCI will help to finance the distribution of these Bibles and other materials to orphan children all over India through the “Introducing Children in Orphanages to Jesus” project.

In Donegal Town, the congregation has a desire to encourage Bible engagement and relationship building among the young people and young adults.

They want to equip them to be able to live authentically in their faith and to share it with those around them. They are developing an area within their church for these teenagers and young adults to meet to discover the Bible. They hope they can learn to live for God in a place that can be very difficult to be a young Christian.

With the money raised, we hope to fit out and resource a space in the church for these young people and young adults to come together. We will also provide resources to help them interact with the Word of God.


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