Places of Hope

This year’s Project is thinking about the idea that God has given, since the beginning of the world, places that provide people with hope.

In the beginning, God made the Garden of Eden – the perfect place of hope for Adam and Eve.  Later in Genesis, God gave Abraham the promise of a family and a place for them to live that would be the start of God’s special people.

Today God still gives places where people feel hope as He is working in the lives of the people and communities there. Ultimately, God promises all who believe in Him a place where we will live with Him forever; a place where our hope of living in community with Him will be complete.

Our Project this year is called “Places of Hope” because we want the children and young people of PCI to understand that all these places exist and that they can learn how God is working through them. We want the young people and children to hear about the work that God is carrying out in Mullingar and in Thailand through Rainbow House, but also more importantly about how those places fit into God’s Big Story of the Bible and the place that He has prepared for them if they believe in Him.


We hope that your whole church will take the opportunity to learn about the work in Mullingar and in Thailand and also see God’s Big Story of His work on earth. We are aiming high this year and we hope that you are prepared to come along for the ride!


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