Training Information

The Programme has 6 sessions

  • An Introduction - the issue of division in Northern Ireland (What's this all about?)
  • Are Northern Ireland's problems my problems? (how much does religious and cultural division influence us?)
  • Who do you think you are? (Our identity and where it comes from)
  • What does Presbyterianism stand for? (The importance of our Presbyterian doctrine, culture and heritage to the way we view the world)
  • What are 'they' all about? (Exploring cultural diversity in our communities and understanding the identity of those different to us)
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers (Holy and practical responses to life in a diverse and divided society)

Underpinning each session are 3 simple truths:

  1. We live in a divided and diverse society.
  2. We have a personal relationship with that division and diversity (it affects our lives and we, in turn, contribute to it.)
  3. As Christians, we have a biblical vocation and calling to be peacemakers.